Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Speak To Influence Minicourse Part 5 Of 5

Writen by Gary Horsman

In part 5 of the program you will learn about:

1. Technology tools for delivering your message to a wide audience
2. How Internet users benefit from hearing your voice

1. Technology Tools for Delivering Your Message to a Wide Audience

The following are several ways technology can help you use your voice to deliver your message.

• Review your voicemail message for clarity and energy.

• Set up your "on-hold" recording to be something interesting, informative, and valuable for the person on hold. Let them know that this month's newsletter has just been published and that they may sign up to receive it automatically. Also, you could describe a new product or service or the launch of your new website. Tell them some news about your company or tell them what makes you and your company different.

• Use your website to deliver a message with your voice.

The PTT Presenter system and the Instant Audio system are just two easy-to-use, affordable tools that allow you to better use your website as a communication tool. They allow you to increase the impact of your message with voice narration.

Both systems use the telephone to upload your voice to a web-based server for placement on your website or on other websites.

The PTT Presenter enables you to upload your PowerPoint presentation to a server, and then add a voice narration to this presentation on a slide-by-slide basis.

Instant Audio is a way to set up voice recordings to play automatically or when someone clicks on the play button.

• It is also useful to have a simple audio creation and editing program. You can make recording of your voice and keep these as records for reference. You can also edit and enhance your recordings so that they run faster. You can edit out things such as a gulp of air or a long undesired pause. My favorite is Sound Forge from Sony. It is easy to use and has many powerful features. It is also high value added since it is very reasonably priced.

2. How Internet Users Benefit from Hearing Your Voice

Search engines are now gearing up to recognize audio files. The top engines will soon start to index pages with audio-file content and define pages that have multi-media capabilities as pages that enhance content for the searcher. Soon web pages with multi-media content will be index higher than pages without such content and visitors will remain on pages with high-impact and rich media content longer than on pages with static text and images. Rich-media pages will win out over their static page competitors in two ways.

Voice narration on a website can ease the visitor's burden of having to read text. It also conveys your message in a way that can make the listener understand your interest and enthusiasm for your product, service and desire to help them. Static text simply cannot convey emotion like a real human voice can.

It is hard to convey enthusiasm using just graphics and text.

This makes visiting your website more interesting and easier for the visitor as they do not have to read they can look at the images and listen. These are both big plusses as far as the visitor is concerned.


I hope this five-part mini-course has given you many ideas for ways you can use your voice to effectively deliver your message. We have covered public address, interpersonal communications and a bit about etiquette and technology. You have learned many different ways of improving the way your message is received by your target audience."

I also hope that you have gained a greater appreciation of the value of your voice as a marketing tool. Learn to use it effectively, often, and in as many ways as possible.

Gary is President of Presentations That Talk (http://www.presentationsthattalk.com). The core product of Presentations That Talk is the PTT Presenter. The PTT Presenter allows users to easily make voice-narrated streaming media presentations. This allows a company to present their products and services, using the Internet, with presentation marketing which adds impact and helps to influence the viewer.

Gary is also a public speaker, educator, and mentor/coach to others wishing to improve their speaking ability. www.presentationsthattalk.com

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