Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Exhibition Stands

Writen by James Grueson

Exhibition stands can be a very effective marketing tool when used correctly. Exhibitions attract many different kinds of people that can help make your product, or company a success. As a result, it is important to make the most of your exhibition stands. Following these five tips should help you to have a successful exhibition.

1. Respect and give attention to all visitors at your stand. You should use the same philosophy as, "the customer is always right." What that implies is that anyone visiting your stand should be given respect and attention. Showing disrespect or ignoring them will not yield the results you desire. There are many different types of people that come to exhibitions. Ensure that you don't simply ignore certain demographics (like seniors, for example). Every person is important, so seek out the people who are wandering in the aisles and are not getting attention from anyone else. Talking to them and giving them respect is a great way to get them to remember your message.

2. Adjust to the types of visitors you will have. A great "pitch" can work wonders, but if the same pitch is used on media, buyers, advertising sales staff, specifiers, consultants, and all other visitors it will simply not be effective. Adjust your pitch to the type of visitor you are dealing with. Does an old person looking to buy your product care if Jessica Simpson endorses it? Does a young person want a job that is good for seniors? Keep these types of questions in mind when talking to your visitors.

3. Go after actual leads at the exhibition. Some exhibitors believe very strongly that they need to get "names" at an exhibition. This could not be more untrue. Names are not important; actual leads are. Actual qualified leads are visitors that have the capability to fulfill an organizational objective (such as a sale or job interview) and whom you have enough information about so you can respond to them specifically after the exhibition. It wouldn't make sense to send a sales letter to a job applicant and a job application to a member of the media. Having accurate information about your visitors (besides just their names) is paramount.

4. Time limits should always be set. There will be many people visiting your stand. You cannot spend a great amount of time on one person, because then others will be neglected. Every person visiting is important and should thusly be given a due amount of consideration. A five-minute time limit for dealing with a visitor is a good idea. It ensures that the exhibition keeps moving, and that your specific stand does not get clogged up with too many people at once.

5. Follow up on your exhibition leads! This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people take the time and effort to set up a beautiful exhibition and do not follow up on their leads. Why even set up a stand if you won't use the information you acquire? Exhibition stands are great ways to help the success of your company, so use your information wisely.

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