Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Presentation Skill Training The Law Of Captivation

Writen by Paul Evans

Every presenter knows he/she must keep the audience interested. Captivation, well, that's much more than mere interest.

Interest keeps people awake.

Captivation keeps people on the edge of their seats.

Interest allows the audience to drift in and out of the message while still getting the main thrust.

Captivation makes the audience feel like they cannot miss a word or they will miss out on something good.

See the difference?

Do you want the crowd interested or captivated?

Create captives:

Deliver contrary statements to deeply revered beliefs – then prove it!

Use statements that suck listeners into the message. "I want to tell you something you might not believe; in fact, you probably won't."

Keep your points structured in a way that makes listeners want to hear the next one.

Use personal stories that relate to the audience. Never use the same tired, old stories that everyone else uses and everyone has heard a hundred times or more.

Promise a solution to a specific problem. Then form your speech around the cure, which you reveal step by step. "In the next forty-five minutes you'll learn everything you will ever need to know about how to retire a multi-millionaire in 15 years. Here's how…"

Use people in your talk. A live person on stage immediately captivates, because anything can happen!

Captives don't wonder around on their own. Captives are led. You are the leader. Construct your messages in a way that creates captives, not just interested listeners.

Paul Evans is the executive creator of http://www.InstantSpeakingSuccess.com and http://www.PresentationPowerSecrets.com His 20 years of public speaking experience help over 24,000 speakers around the work each week through his free public speaking ezine.

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