Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why Do A Presentation

Writen by Andy Britnell

Most of us would admit to being anything from downright terrified to slightly apprehensive at the prospect of doing a presentation for colleagues or clients. We may try our best to avoid it, but there are some excellent reasons why the presentation may be the best format for you to put across your message:

1. It is personal – the audience gets the opportunity to see and hear the presenter and this helps them to decide their reactions to the material. 2. They can ask questions and get immediate answers. 3. The interactive nature of the presentation means the presenter gets feedback from the audience and can tell if their offering needs some adjustment. 4. By being present in front of an audience, it helps you to sell your idea or product. 5. It is much more interesting than reading literature or information on a website.

Overall it is simply the most practical and dynamic way of getting your message across as clearly as possible.

So what are the benefits of a presentation?

1. It gives you the opportunity to educate and influence – you may need the help of another part of the organisation or another company to reach your goals.

2. You can see for yourself what the reaction is to your news.

3. With luck you will gain their commitment to your project immediately, whether that is their cooperation, their resources or their financial backing.

4. You can sell your company and also yourself – there is no better way to get into the spotlight than to stand up and do a presentation.

5. You get to have some impact!

In my experience, the benefits of doing a presentation vastly outweigh the time and effort you put into it. But the biggest benefit of all is that you no longer have a fear of doing presentations and can go on to get better and better!

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