Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Presentation The Content And Eight Other Ingredients

Writen by Hans Bool

Many ingredients are required for a presentation. Content is one of them. No presentation can live without it. Yet the idea behind presentation is not so much the content... but in fact the presentation (itself), but what would that be?

And again, internet turns out to be a fertile source of information. Because if you search the internet for "Content versus" you will find many interesting ingredients for your presentation:

  • Content versus Carrier
  • Content versus Context
  • Content versus Style
  • Content versus Presentation
  • Content versus Promotion
  • Content versus Structure
  • Content versus Form
  • Content versus Layout
  • Content versus Communication

The carrier is what we know the medium that carries for us the content. This is like a briefcase and although not too important, if you present your innovative ideas about new technology on a set of worn out overhead sheets, you may end up with a problem.

The context of your presentation is about your contribution to the universe of problems; what particular focus did you choose? The concept of style is what I like most about presentations. This will affect many other elements but think of the way you address your public; for example when you are presenting for a group of CEO's and the topic is responsibility (do not) start you first sentence with: "Hello Children, I'm glad we finally meet, because this is important."

Presentation is like communication; it is the container of all the elements...

Promotion is sales. Presenting ideas or products is a selling productivity. You have invested in a product and now is the moment to sell it.

Structure is about the approach you choose to tell the story. Do you start with the conclusion or the summary or do does the story develop to a climax?

Form and layout are related to structure from an architectural viewpoint but also to the style. If you want to entertain CEO's the layout should match the childish tune (if you did choose this tune).

© 2006 Hans Bool

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