Friday, July 18, 2008

Professional Fakeism Suit And Tie Trickery

Writen by Lance Winslow

Why do people wear suit and ties? Well, I believe this ancient tradition was formed so that the leaders could instantly hang the incompetent humans who wore them, when they just screwed up so badly they needed to be culled.

It makes sense, I mean do you not just want to hang some of these imposters sometimes, pretending to be professionals with nothing of any real value between their ears? We ought to call it what it really is; Professional Fake-ism along with Suit and Tie Trickery.

Recently his discussion came up with a fellow thinker and we discussed how uptight the world was and how the quote professionals were so full of their own BS. I told the gentleman during a coffee shop conversation;

You know I agree with your thoughts on the problems with Over Professionalism and faking intelligence by wearing a suit and tie thing and it really shows up in online correspondence when everyone is trying to fall over themselves to impress everyone else then when you really get into hard core discussions these folks just really have a tough time you see?

Now that is not to say that there may not be a proper time for noose wearing for instance in case they decide to hang themselves or in ancient traditions the leaders could easily cut off their oxygen supply and then dispose of the body? Sounds too harsh? Well, perhaps yet all this bogus professionalism is a little unnerving indeed. Consider all this in 2006.

Lance Winslow

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