Monday, July 14, 2008

When I Went To Hit The Buy Button It Happen

Writen by Steven P Smith

If you think that little things don't matter in your sales letter, you better think again.

Today I download a program to my spare computer, which I normally do when I'm trying out new shareware programs or any new program I'm not sure about.

I liked the program a-lot and went to the sales page, I was just getting ready to hit the buy button then I saw it.

System Requirements.

Win 9x/ME/2000/XP Home Edition

Do you see what is wrong here?

One of the requirements is XP Home Edition.

Now it just so happens that my spare computer is running XP Home edition but wait, I wanted to install the registered version on my main computer, which has XP Pro.

My first thought with my experience level was, it shouldn't matter if it's XP Pro or XP Home.

I just started to hit the payment button again then it accrued to me. What if there is something funny with the program and it won't work right on the PRO edition? Maybe scam ware or some other problem with the program that the authors don't want me to know about.

Oh no! It's time to stop everything and run to my spare computer and start my Adware Check, Spyware Checker, Trojan horse Checker, and my Anti-virus program.

Okay maybe I'm being a little PARANOID, as I sit here with my aluminum foil hat on to keep out the mind controlling rays. But then again one can never be too careful.

After running all my system checkers and with it coming back clean, hooray. I decided that this wasn't an evil plot to take control of my computer and turn it against me.

Now let's see were did I place that order link hmm I can't find it, guess I will just move on.

Have you had a good look at your software system requirements lately?

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Steven Smith, been using the Internet since the late 90's, as both a buyer and marketer and has the following web sites to his credit:,, and

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