Friday, July 4, 2008

Exhibit And Display Vendors

Writen by Eddie Tobey

In tradeshows, it's not only the exhibits and display booths that play important roles, but also the persons who sell the displays and manage the booths. The effort, time, and money you spent on your tradeshow exhibit will only be wasted if your display booth personnel are unprofessional and not well-trained. This will undoubtedly hurt your company's name and reputation.

You can hire an expert to train your booth staff for the tradeshow. Remember to review your marketing strategies and sales skills and practice effective demonstrations of the products and services that you offer.

As a vendor, your goal is to generate sales. It's important that you apply sales fundamentals in a tradeshow as in any other sales method. Thus, you have to focus on finding potential and qualified leads. Before the event, contact as many visitors as you can. The more visitors that'll stop by your booth, the more leads you'll collect.

During the tradeshow, create a welcome and friendly atmosphere that makes it appealing for attendees to want to stop into your booth. Don't sit, read, smoke, eat or drink, talk on the phone, or cluster or chat with your booth mates. These will surely discourage your potential buyers from approaching you.

Instead, make eye contact with people as they walk by your booth. Be polite, not rude or offensive; be approachable, not intimidating. Attend well to all visitors. Don't underestimate prospects. Entertain browsers and their questions by taking down notes and offering specific solutions. Always be ready to do business. Make sure to have available pens, order forms, and payment materials needed to close the sale or make a contact. Make sure also that your tradeshow booth is manned at all times.

It's good business to use good etiquette in selling. Make sure that you and your sales team won't break the rules of good exhibitor's etiquette. Avoid wandering into other company's, especially your competitors' booths. Don't solicit in the aisles; do your transactions inside your booth. Don't disrupt other exhibitors and visitors.

The selling and buying cycle doesn't stop when the tradeshow is over. After the show, promptly follow up on the leads you gained. Make phone calls as soon as possible and keep in touch with your potential clients. Send them emails, brochures, letters, or cards about updates featuring your latest product information, new prices, or services.

The ability of vendors to sell effectively is essential to any business. It's critical to staff your exhibit with knowledgeable and confident personnel who can help you build good rapport with your customers and increase your sales.

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