Sunday, June 8, 2008

Modern Life Causes Singultus An Overlooked Stressor That Threatens Your Career

Writen by K.B. Raymond

The triggers of singultus are extremely many. Some of them are just everyday things like laughing, very hot or cold drinks and food or even spicy foods. But most of the triggers of problem hiccups are either caused by, or aggravated by the trials of modern life.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can trigger the hiccups. Breathing fumes, eating and talking at the same time, eating too fast, eating too much and drinking carbonated beverages all can trigger singultus as well. Sounds like the description of an average day for an American business person. Other common triggers include cold showers, entering or leaving a hot or cold room, sudden excitement, and stress. Stress? Isn't modern life fraught with stress? So, the stressful condition of singultus is commonly triggered by stress. Seems like we need a reliable treatment more than ever!

The website WikiHow along with several other sites, offer long lists of dubious home remedies. Ingesting dry sugar, mustard, lemon juice and peanut butter are commonly offered as solutions. Lying down, all types of breath holding rituals, and activities like pressing your eyeballs and rubbing your ear are also suggested. Some of these patently unreliable "treatments" are impractical and others are liable to make you feel like a jackass. Why is it so difficult to restore our dignity and calm with an ACTUAL treatment that maintains our disrupted dignity while using it? Picture the nervous speaker before a speech getting the hiccups. How much would a reliable and instant hiccup cure be worth?

The best hiccup cures attempt to influence and regulate the Vagus and Phrenic nerves to relieve the distressing spasms. A new innovation, just recently patented and released to the public, instantly re-sets the 'hiccup nerves' to reliably treat singultus. The gadget, called the "Hic-Cup", works on simple scientific principles to produce a very low voltage bio-electric current that instantly relieves the hiccups. Professional speakers, reporters and broadcasters are passionately embracing the Hic-Cup, making the device a "must-have" item. Seems that the Hic-Cup is considered ultra low-cost performance insurance for voice dependent professions. The voice is power, who else can use this kind of protection, peace of mind and relief?

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KB Raymond is a Performance Coach, Speaker, and Blogger. KB has been raising awareness about singultus as an under-rated performance problem on her blog Hiccup Hell ( ). As a communications professional, KB Raymond has seen singultus emerge as a significant post modern performance issue. KB recommends the new Class I medical device the "Hic-Cup" ( for reliable and discreet hiccup treatment.

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