Sunday, June 15, 2008

Making A Buck From Presenting You Can Do It

Writen by Robin Henry

The world - at least from where I see it, is full of people who either tell their story or tell you how to do something for money. For example, some time ago I attended a combined breakfast and talk by a young, personable (and pleasantly attractive) lady who told the story of how she had gone from rags to riches in a home-based-business. Until I signed up to hear her story, I had never heard of her, her firm, or her product. Thirty-five to 40 other people were also interested enough to hear what she had to say that they paid $15 (AUS) per head. Not much risk in a $15 fee (subsidised by a government agency) when a light breakfast is thrown in.

All of us have information and experience that is unique. You don't have to be a Bill Clinton with high-flying stories of presidency and oral sex that wasn't really sex, to earn an income, although it helps. There are dozens of less famous or infamous people earning a good income on the presentation circuit. True, it's easier if you are tall, dark and handsome if male or lean, shapely and stunning if a woman. But don't let your physical attributes deter you - there are many 'ordinary' people on the presentation circuit doing very well, thank you.

What you have to do is find a topic of interest that lends itself to a mix of humour and seriousness; 'How to Make Your Marriage Last X Years or More', 'Being a Successful Marketer', 'Keeping Your Kids Off Drugs', 'Making a Fortune from Affiliate Programs', 'Creative Communication' and so on. I'm sure you can think of a few.

Next, chase up some sayings and jokes that fit your topic. Put your presentation together and test it. Buy some nice clothes. Get your hair and finger nails done. Buy some nice jewellery - after all, if you are preaching success, you need to look successful.

People are keen to hear what others have to say and they'll pay. To start with, pick an interesting or unusual topic, choose a town that has few presentations where people are starved of development opportunities, advertise widely, accept money up front and bingo! All you need then is a slick presentation and after a while people will be begging you to speak at their venue. You can make even more money if you have something to sell while your audience is excited - books, tapes, CDs, subscriptions etc. It can be a handsome money earner and a lot of good fun.

If you aren't brimming with confidence, attend one of these motivational presentations some day and, If I'm right, by the end of it you will be saying to yourself, 'I could have done that'

Copyright 2006 Robin Henry.

Robin Henry is an educator, human resources specialist and Internet entrepreneur. He helps home-based businesses and individuals improve performance by applying smart technology and processes and developing personally. He runs his business Desert Wave Enterprises from his home base at Alice Springs in Central Australia, although at present he is working temporarily in the United Arab Emirates.

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