Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What To Do When Everything Has Already Been Said

Writen by Hans Bool

They say that in literature everything has already been said (written). If you want to write a novel, you should differentiate on style rather than on anything else.

And this is not less true in business. Our "Style Compass" seems familiar with elements from the model of Myers-Briggs and also with the Competing Values Framework. And perhaps with many other concepts.

Recently I found another reference with similarities; the so-called Left-Hand/Right-Hand model being the brainchild of Professor John Donovan of MIT. This model is about managing or leading innovations:

  • ...Its main tenet is that all organizational functions can be divided into two categories-the standard quotidian efforts at status quo maintenance and risk minimization, and the riskier ventures into new fields or endeavours. The former is labelled the right-hand, while the latter is the left-hand. It is within this Left-Hand sector that innovation occurs, through the dual paths of employing revolutionary processes and leading customers. To delve into new territory, the organization must lead its customers, rather than solely listening and responding to their wants and concerns. (www.cellexchange.com/pdfs/InnovationandCollaboration.pdf)

If you are interested in culture, values, personal preferences, organizational Style, etc, you should use what is close to what is already known in the organization. More important is that you use one concept from start to finish or even longer. Because the topic about managing innovation and stabilizing business success is of all times.

If you are lucky to have ever produced a film like Shrek (innovation) you want to stabilize this success with a sequel Shrek 2, Shrek 3, etc...

Most topics in business are not new. As in Literature. Hold on to your style and prosper!

© 2006 Hans Bool

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