Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick Presentation Tips

Writen by Colin Ong TS

If your speech is long, have a proper introduction and sub-headings.

Do research and know your content well.

Give your participants a copy of the presentation slides.

Ensure that the air-conditioned is not too cold nor the room lighting is too dim.

Don't speak too fast and punctuate your speech with some quick anecdotes.

Humour should be used carefully to energise and to aid the audience- reflective process. However, do not be alarmed if some of your humour is not readily understood.

Always provide referencing and credits to your examples and quotations.

Do not wear striking attire which may distract the audience from your speech.

Try not to use too many bells and whistles in your presentation slides.

Remember to allocate sufficient time for Q&A and promise to get back to the participant whose questions you are not able to answer due to insufficient information.

About The Author
Colin Ong TS is the Managing Director of MR=MC Consulting Pte Ltd (

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