Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vacheron Constantin A Genius In Watchmaking

Writen by Nick Lagonsky

For many centuries Switzerland was the house of genius watch manufacturers that created timepieces of various forms, shapes, designs and complications. These complicated timepieces have written many pages of the watchmaking history and today the story of Swiss watches continues.

Some of the world's famous brands create watches that represent a fusion of work of art and technical innovation. Collectors all over the globe strive to bring a piece of history into their homes. Today the Swiss watchmaking business exports more than a half of the world's mechanical watches and continues to expand in all of the five continents.

The oldest among them all is Vacheron Constantin. A brand that has its roots in the middle of the 18th century created some of the most complicated, and by the way some of the most expensive, timepieces in the world. The designers from Vacheron Constantin every year launch their creations that have hundreds of parts placed inside a small case of a watch.

One can find a lot of marvelous timepiece in the brand's collections with many amazing innovations like: minute repeater, power reserve indicator, perpetual calendar, and many more. The creations of Vacheron Constantin are made of silver, gold or platinum and its movements are covered with sapphire crystals so the wearer could enjoy the work of the mechanical self-winding movement.

Some of the most amazing watches with timeless design are called skeletons because they all have a see-through case covered with sapphire crystal. It allows seeing the mechanism of the watch working on the inside. Take for instance the Malte Tourbillon Skeleton.

The watch has an astonishing design. Its case is made of pink gold or platinum has like all the models entitled "skeleton" the case is transparent. The timepiece has a Vacheron Constantin Caliber 1790 12x12 ½'''mechanical winding movement. Malte Tourbillon Skeleton is able to display hours, minutes, small seconds, and date and power reserve. The frequency of the watch is 18800 A/H with a 45 hours power reserve. The watch is also 30 meters water resistant.

Another masterpiece of the famous Vacheron Constantin that needs a special attention is called Mens Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Minute Repeater. It represents a limited edition having a case made of 18 carat rose gold, brown leather strap and of course the mechanical movement which can be seen through thanks to the transparence of the case.

The watch is a marvelous metal creation because on demand the wearer can make the small hammers inside the watch to strike a pair of gongs and chime the hours and minutes.

And finally a beautiful timepiece that should be taken into consideration and highly appreciated is the Vacheron Constantin Tourbillion watch made of 18carat rose gold case. The timepiece represents a limited edition; it has a leather brown strap, a tourbillon movement which can be also seen through and an indicator of the power reserve.

The model is considered one of the men's most crafty creations. The regulated organs of the timepiece's movement are situated in a carriage that rotates on itself with a perfect regularity, thus eliminating the effect of the earth's attraction that can have an impact on the watch's accuracy.

Vacheron Constantin designs watches for people that are passionate about precision and unique timeless design, but at the same time have several hundred thousands of dollars on their account.

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