Friday, January 30, 2009

The 6 Components Of An Effective Presentation

Writen by Taylor Hunter

One ingredient common to top salespeople is the ability to consistently deliver effective presentations. An effective presentation moves a customer from their current position to a position of action.

Effective presenters use the following Methodology Selling™ techniques to move customers to action.

1. Preparation – Establish a very clear vision or goal. Ensure your thoughts and ideas are clear as to how you will move the customer's position from where they are now to a position of action.

2. Educate And Create Interest – The audience needs to focus on you the presenter not on themselves. Inform the audience as to why you are there and the purpose of your presentation. Understand the customer's needs and pain. Clearly define your resolution to their dilemma. The first few minutes of the presentation are vital. These few seconds can determine the success of the presentation.

3. Clear Presentation – Present in a clear simple manner. Avoid using this venue as an opportunity to show the audience how much you know. Keep it simple and focused. Present points one at a time and make sure each point is understood before moving on.

4. Listen To Your Audience – Listen and watch for the prospects response. Determine if hot buttons have been pushed.

5. Touch Their Emotions – Remind the customers of their needs and their pain. They need to feel their pain to want to move away from it.

6. Action – Give the customers the solution or tools to make the change. Empower them to move away from the pain and move to action.

The founder and president of Taylor Hunter and Associates, Taylor Hunter has 20 years of diverse Sales, Sales Management and Executive experience. An impassioned interpreter of the selling process he has focused on fine-tuning the core basic elements of sales success during his career. A strong advocate of sales training that targets the core sales skills needed for success. Taylor Hunter created Methodology Selling which has served as the foundation for his noteworthy sales success. Methodology Selling is a proprietary sales approach trademarked by Taylor Hunter and Associates.

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chuckyklost13 said...

Any advertising and marketing consultant will tell you that this article is absolutely correct. If you can present the right way, chances are, you are going to achieve your goal.