Friday, December 12, 2008

Exhibit Booths

Writen by Kristy Annely

Exhibit booths are all about attracting new customers and business partners, or anyone who is interested in the exhibit. Exhibitors launching new products or services always try to put their best foot forward in order to generate wider interest from their customers. By placing eye-catching booths, exhibitors ensure that they are easily distinguishable from their competitors and that their presentation typically is in sync with their product or service offerings.

Booths can be classified into several types, based on their position on the exhibit floor. There are standard booths with 10 feet by 10 feet size, perimeter wall booths that come in the standard size but are located at the outer perimeter walls of the exhibit floor, and island booths that contain four or more standard units with aisles on all four sides.

To design a booth, exhibitors usually use the services of their in-house creative resources or seek the services of specialized professional exhibit booth service providers. The booth services offered by professional providers include a gamut of items, including lighting and display options. They have a solution for every need – from exhibitors seeking basic booths to the ones looking for contemporary high-tech booths.

Usually, booths are lightweight and easy to transport. Additionally, they are also very affordable. Tradeshow booths, for example, come at affordable prices and contain good graphics, and are very compact. Recent years have witnessed a greater demand for fabric booths that blend modern design with glossy colors.

Typically a booth includes an 8-foot-high draped backdrop with about 3-foot-high drapes on three sides, an identification sign (usually a company logo and name), and other value-added services like a security guard at the exhibit hall entrance, complimentary lunch for registered booth staffs, and so forth. However, different exhibits have different rules and regulations on the size of booths, and exhibitors should check these before beginning to workout the design of a booth. As they say, 'creativity should have some limits'.

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