Monday, August 4, 2008

Try Branding Your Business By Blogging

Writen by Christain Cullen

A blog, or web log, is an online diary that people use for all kinds of reasons. Some people use them for hobby purposes – to espouse their opinions about important world events. But as a marketer, you can use a free, simple blog to help brand your business and drives targeted traffic to your product or membership domains.

Blogging is easy to do and addictive once you get started. First, go to a site like and register for a free account. Then you'll name your blog – and while it's best to use relevant keywords for your niche inside the title, make sure it evokes a sense of curiosity among web surfers who stumble upon your blog.

Then you choose a template and you can start branding your business at your blog spot. To do this, you have to create daily or weekly posts to your blog that discusses your industry with you as an authority figure.

You want to allow comments from your readers because that feedback can help drive your business to a higher level. You'll know what the customer wants, so you can provide it to them.

Blogs are supposed to have personality. That doesn't mean you have to post lewd pictures of yourself or write your deepest, darkest thoughts. But it does mean reaching out to the online community and letting others get to know you on a personal level – as more than just a business name.

You want to be sure you ping your blog to the many ping sites, such as because then other sites are notified each and every time you update your blog and provide fresh content.

You can create multiple blogs all over the Internet, each time directing traffic to your other sites and creating a buzz about your product line, your services, or your site. As a blogger, you instantly command a certain amount of respect from fellow bloggers who have a penchant for seeing what others are doing on the 'net.

Before you start filling your blog with nothing but blatant advertising, make sure you understand the purpose of a blog. As an integral part of web 2.0 marketing, it's all about the socialization that takes place in blogging communities.

Soon, you'll be embarking on your own path to become a part of the blogosphere – the world of blogs as a whole. Now, you can even host your blog on your own domain so that you don't have to keep logging into the blogging site – you simply update your posts and ping directly from your website.

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